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  Sunday, August 30, 2009

 Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 days-world record set by Rama Shah
 MUMBAI, India -- Rama Shah, 39, a staunch devotee of Lord Ganesha, made 9999 idols in 99 days-setting the world record for the Most Ganesha Idols Hand Made in 99 days.
   Photo: From Ganeshas in a pista shell to Ganeshas on swings, from Ganeshas on marble to Ganeshas on envelopes, Rama’s skillful, nimble hands have moulded them all. Green, blue, yellow, orange, they are fruits of her labour. (enlarge photo)

  Considering herself completely consumed in the art, Shah's devotion began after the Lord appeared in dreams in 2000.    
   Her interest in moulding, sculpting and colouring the idols saw Rama make 9,999 Ganesh idols in just 99 days in August 2000.

  Rama’s endeavour began after she felt that ‘‘she should do something that no one has ever attempted before.’’

   The impetus came from a dream. ‘‘One night I dreamt of Lord Ganesha. After the dream, I decided that I will try my hand at making Ganesh idols,’’ says Rama. One idol led to another and soon Rama found that making these idols was an activity she enjoyed immensely.

   Photo: Not only does 39-year-old Rama Satish Shah make idols by the hundreds every day, she even makes them blindfolded!
   (enlarge photo)

   Initially, the going was tough and she managed to make just about 8-10 idols daily; but soon, Rama got the hang of things until finally, she could manage a mind-boggling 120 Ganesh idols in a day!

   Insisting that her interest in these idols is not business-oriented, Rama reveals that she only decided to sell them after friends and acquaintances told her that the idols proved extremely lucky for them.

    Priced from Rs 10 to Rs 9,000, the unbreakable, washable, handmade idols started attracting clientele. As orders began to pour in from all over the city, Rama began devoting more time to her hobby. In this, she was ably supported by husband Satish, who she says, ‘‘supported her whole-heartedly.’’

    ‘‘Har ghar mein meri ek moorti rahein (every home should have at least one idol that I have made),’’ is all that she hopes for. 
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

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