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   Longest time spent inside an inflatable snowglobe-world record set by Ben Eckerson

[Dec 15]DURHAM,NC,USA--The 24 year old broadcast producer
Ben Eckerson has completed his attempt to become the world record holder for the longest time spent inside an inflatable snowglobe.

   Ben Eckerson ended his effort after 78 hr. 30 min. inside the globe.His exit from the globe, as well as his entire round-the-clock stay was on display at McKinney and through a web site hosted by McKinney at
   There, visitors saw live audio and video streams of Eckerson ("Snowglobe Boy") inside the globe.
   The site also provided interaction with through a chat application and blog posts.

   What started as an eco-friendly, digital holiday card has ended in a Web phenomenon and world record.

  “Snowglobe Boy captured the hearts and imaginations of our agency’s clients, our friends and holiday lovers from all over the world,” said Brad Brinegar, McKinney Chairman and CEO. “We’re excited to have created a holiday card that served its ‘green friendly’ purpose and created a completely unique conversation between the agency and people everywhere.”

   Eckerson's wife, Aubrey, wasn't surprised when her new husband -- they were married Oct. 6 -- volunteered to be Snowglobe Boy. "Ben loves Christmas more than any 5-year-old," she said in a phone interview. So what about conjugal visits, Snowglobe Boy? "I get 51 minutes to use however I see fit throughout the day," he said.

   “Thank you to everyone for making this world record happen,” said a tired yet jubilant Eckerson. “It was so much fun spreading holiday cheer to everyone around the world.” Eckerson urged his new friends to keep spreading the holiday cheer by giving to their favorite charities. He said McKinney plans a donation to the Durham-based Center for Child and Family Health (

  McKinney is an independent operating subsidiary of Havas, the sixth-largest advertising and communications group in the world.


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