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  Longest kiss while standing in the window-Mexx fans set record

[Aug 23] TORONTO,On,Canada-- Four GTA couples locked lips and set a new world record for the longest kiss while standing in the windows of leading European fashion retailer Mexx.

 Photo: Seven GTA couples pucker up to beat the world record for the longest kiss while standing in the newly opened Mexx store windows on Queen Street West.
  After 15 hours and 31 minutes, the finalists collectively decided to split first and second prize amounting to a $12,000 shopping spree at the retailer and ultimately share the record for the longest kiss while standing in a store window.

    The rules of the event included staying awake and standing at all times without leaning.

    Several couples came prepared with liquid protein and energy drinks that they were allowed to consume through a straw while kissing.

    Official witnesses observed the participants incessantly, and if their lips parted or any of the rules were not followed, the couple was immediately disqualified.  

     Jonathan and Lesley Greenwald
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        David and Lindsay Lin
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      Eric Alderson and Kathy Berenthal
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     Matt Kowall and Taralyn Marshall
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The four winning couples are Jonathan and Lesley Greenwald, Matt Kowall and Taralyn Marshall, Eric Alderson and Kathy Berenthal, and David and Lindsay Lin.   

    The event entitled ‘Inspired by individual style…and a kiss’ marked the arrival of the new concept boutique on Queen Street.    

   Playing on the theme that created the successful brand in 1986 -- when two popular European brands, Moustache and Emanuelle were united with two kisses - M(oustache) + E(manuelle) + XX = MEXX -- the event paid tribute to the history of the brand and the love affair that started it all.

The longest movie kiss:   
Him: Regis Tommey
Her: Jane Wyman    Length of kiss: 3 minutes and 5 seconds
Date: 1941   
Movie: You’re in the Army Now


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