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  Most efficient bacteria test-world record set by Mobidiag
[April 23] HELSINKI, Finland--The Finnish biotechnology company Mobidiag announced today the Prove-it™ Bacteria test sets a world record for the Most efficient batcteria test by being able to detect 50 dangerous bacteria simultaneously - including the widespread “superbug” MRSA.

  This is an important milestone in the battle against infectious diseases, most importantly life-threatening sepsis.
 (enlarge photo)

  Sepsis is a growing cause of death worldwide - there are around 3 million sepsis cases annually, over 500,000 of them resulting in death. Sepsis is an infection caused by a number of micro-organisms spreading in the bloodstream. The challenge in sepsis treatment is starting adequate treatment with the appropriate antibiotics on time.

    Currently, the diagnostics of causative pathogen(s) needed for the antibiotic treatment decision takes 2-5 days based on blood culturing and subsequent pathogen identification.  

  (enlarge photo)
 (enlarge photo)

Using Mobidiag’s Prove-it™ Bacteria, the pathogen detection is available 1-3 days earlier compared to current diagnostics. The PCR and microarray-based test takes less than three hours to complete.

   Achieved time saving rationalizes antibiotic treatment and improves patient outcomes and decreases mortality considerably.

   Jaakko Pellosniemi, CEO of Mobidiag: “Our Prove-it™ Bacteria test has all the potential to revolutionize microbial sepsis diagnostics. The test helps clinicians make better and faster decisions and provide sufficient treatment for seriously ill patients. This offers huge savings, as sepsis treatment currently consumes billions of euros annually. Our target is to have a single test that reliably detects the majority of dangerous human disease causing bacteria and Prove-it™ Bacteria test is an important milestone on that road,”

  “I strongly believe that Prove-it™ products will rapidly gain foothold on the multibillion microbial diagnostic markets” said Pellosniemi.
   Prove-it™ Bacteria test is initially intended for research purposes. The evaluation aiming for the European CE-IVD status enabling its use in clinical sepsis diagnostics is currently ongoing and will be completed later this year. The test will cover more than 90 % of all sepsis cases.

   Founded in 2001, Mobidiag develops rapid diagnostic tests for hospital laboratories. The Prove-it™ Bacteria test is developed in co-operation with Hospital Districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Finland.


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