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  Wednesday, January 6, 2010

  Tallest Zinnia - world record set by Everett Wallace Jr. and Melody Wagner

 RIEGELWOOD, NC, USA -- Everett Wallace Jr. and his fiance Melody Wagner had grown a 12 ft 8 in Zinnia behind their residence , setting the world record for the Tallest Zinnia.

   Photo: Everett Wallace Jr. and Melody Wagner pose with their Lucky Ladies- the world's Tallest Zinnia (enlarge photo)

The record breaking zinnias measuring twelve-feet eight-inches grew from heirloom seeds passed down from gardener Everett Wallace Jr's family.

    The hearty family seeds survived a hurricane a few years ago prompting Wallace to name them his Lucky Ladies. He says his mother taught him how to grow flowers when he was a little boy.

    "She always taught me how to take care of the strongest ones of the litter. And that's done through the stalk and the leaf of the plant."

   Wallace began growing world record zinnias in Richmond in the 1980s and early 1990s from a nearly 70-year-old seed stock he refers to as My Lucky Ladies, passed down to him from his mother.    

   Everett's mother grew the flowers, so they continued her hobby after she passed away. "It feels like part of her carries on," said Melody. "It helps him. Whenever he was little they grew flowers. It's just a reminder to him of his mother, and he wanted to carry it on."

   Zinnia My Lucky Ladies reaches 3 to 5 feet in height and spreads to about 20 inches. Both double and single 3- to 5-inch blooms display bright shades of pink, red, orange, and white on thick, sturdy stems.

    Zinnia Elgans naturally reach up to 9', but the couple has a secret ingredient that helps their flowers grow a little taller. "We have some special fertilizers and a few tricks that we use," said Melody. "And what is that special fertilizers and those tricks? Well we don't let all that out."

  World record Zinnias grown by Everett Wallace Jr. and his fiance Melody Wagner:
     8'8" on 8/31/2004
     9'8" on 9/26/2004
   12'6"on 11/16/2004
   12'8" on 10/23/2008

   Everett says he and his fiance Melody Wagner battled with Guinness World Records and paid them more than $5,000 to get their certificates, making their zinnias officially the tallest in 2008.

   "A man in Florida had grown one that was 8 foot 4 inches," said Melody. "We broke his record with our 8 foot 8 inches, and then we broke our record with 12 foot 6 inches, and 12 foot 8 inches." They received a certificate for the flower that was 12'8", but it was never documented in the record book, and the other two records were over-shadowed by the 12'6" flower.

   Our note: they should have contacted the local "Department of consumer Affairs, the Weights and Measures Division" and ask for an 'Inspection report' to be filled on-site with the measurements of the flower(s). This way they wouldn't wasted valuable time and a lot of money on 'measurements' made very expensive 'adjudicators'.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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