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  Thursday, December 3, 2009

  Smallest orchid-world record set by Lou Jost

 Cerro Candelaria Reserve, ECUADOR-- American scientist Lou Jost has discovered a cream-coloured orchid which measures only 2.1mm across-which sets the new world record for the Smallest orchid.

   Photo: The world's Smallest orchid measures only 2.1mm across and the petals are so thin they are transparent / Photos Lou Jost   (enlarge photo)

 It is the 60th new orchid that Dr Jost has discovered in the past decade. He works for Ecuador's EcoMinga Foundation, which created the reserve in partnership with the World Land Trust in Britain.

   'It is an exciting feeling to find a new species,' he said. 'People think everything has been discovered but there's much more.'    

   The newly discovered orchid is from the Platystele genus and the petals are so thin that they are just one cell thick and transparent.
    The previously unknown bloom is only 2.1mm across and takes over from the species Platystele jungermannioides as the world’s smallest orchid flower.     (enlarge photo)  

  Dr Lou Jost said of the orchid with the smallest flower: “I found it among the roots of another plant that I had collected, another small orchid which I took back to grow in my greenhouse to get it to flower. “A few months later I saw that down among the roots was a tiny little plant that I realised was more interesting than the bigger orchid.

   The tiny flower was unwittingly collected from the Cerro Candelaria reserve in the eastern Andes which was created by Ecuador’s EcoMinga Foundation in partnership with the World Land Trust in Britain.

   More than 1,000 orchid species have been unearthed in the South American country in the last 100 years as new roads have opened up more remote regions.

    Dr Jost's most exciting find was a group of 28 types of orchids from the teagueia genus in a mountainous area near Banos, Ecuador. The group was previously thought to only have six species.

A second tiny orchid thought to be another type never seen before and collected in the Rio Anzu Reserve in central Ecuador, is among his other discoveries: “It was so small it looked like a piece of dirt at first. I was going through the moss on a fallen tree branch – they’re very good places for orchids to grow – when I spotted it. The flower was 3mm across.”

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

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