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  Thursday, December 31, 2009

  Biggest bullock - world record set by The Field Marshall

 ALSTONE, Somerset, UK -- The Field Marshall, an eight-year-old Charolais (owner Arthur Duckett) tipped the scales at 3,682lbs (1,670kg)-setting the new world record for the Biggest (living) bullock.

   Photo: Farmer Arthur Duckett (who is 5ft 8") feeds Field Marshall, his world's biggest bullock. Photo: SWNS
  (enlarge photo)

The Field Marshall has overtaken the previous Guinness world record holder, his former stablemate The Colonel, who stood 6ft 5ins tall and weighed 3,500lbs, before his death in 2005.

   Owner Arthur Duckett, 80, who bought the white steer four years ago, said: ''He's in very good health and there's no reason why he won't keep on growing.

   ''He's only eight and unless something unforeseen happens he will get bigger and bigger. But he's not fat - he's all muscle. ''I could feed him heavier but I don't want to make him look grotesque, I want him to be healthy and put on weight naturally.    ''That's why I keep him outdoors in a field and not inside.''

    The world's Biggest bullock eats more than 17lbs of feed every day and enjoys oats, barley, potatoes, fodder beet followed by a portion of hay. The Field Marshall was weighed at the Fatstock agricultural show at Sedgemoor Auction Centre near North Petherton, Somerset.

   The Biggest bullock shares a field on Mr Duckett's farm in Alstone, Somerset, with a 5ft 6in Highland steer and a small Friesian. He is now heavier than a Mini Cooper car which weighs 2,458lbs, and a BMW 3 series which tips the scales at just 3,053lbs.

   Owner Arthur Duckett said: ''I haven't force-fed him he just has the same food every day. Oats, barley, potatoes, fodder beet and also a portion of hay. ''He's got a very good temperament but he's not really domesticated so you have to treat him with respect.     ''He's very strong and he's got a mind of his own but we get along very well.''

  The Guinness world record for the biggest EVER bullock was set by a steer called Old Ben, who died in Kokomo, Indiana, in 1910. He weighed 4,720lbs and stood 6ft 4ins tall.
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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