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   Longest continual broadcast: Mike Russell

[May 21]Berkshire, UK/ Time 106.6 presenter Mike Russell smashed the world record for the longest on air broadcast! Marathon man Mike was live for a hundred and twenty six hours with no sleep - beating the previous record by one hour. He's raised over six thousand pounds online so far for Berkshire Give a Child a Chance.
    Time FM’s Mike Russell went without sleep for five-and-a-half days to break the record that was previously held by an Italian DJ and is now enjoying some well earned shut-eye.
    After handing over the airways to rapturous applause from his colleagues the 25-year-old wanted nothing more than to enjoy some well deserved sleep. He said: “I am feeling surprisingly energised. It really does not feel like I haven’t slept for five days. “There has never been a point where I thought I couldn’t do it, but it has been hard and the most challenging thing I have ever done.”
     He beat off fatigue by avoiding caffeine and showering during the 15 minute break he was allowed to take every eight hours.
     He said: “I never once thought about stopping, but the hardest time was between 3am and 5am. My body just wanted to shut down and go to sleep. It took a lot of willpower not to give in. It has got easier as the week has gone on and as I have got closure to reaching my goal.”      Mr Russell said that he has been kept going by the support of people in Slough who have visited him in the studio and called up with messages of support. He said: “Whenever I was really starting to struggle I would only have to look at all the emails and text messages to give me the boost I needed.”
    Station manager Nicola Smith was there to congratulate Mr Russell as he signed off. She said: “He has done tremendously well. Never once has he got ratty or snapped at anyone. He has been level headed all the way through and has let nothing effect him.”
    Mr Russell planned to spend the week in bed before returning to his day time show.

   Sources: Time 106.6 station, Slough & Windsor Observer

     Mike the Marathon Man webpage,click here

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