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  Most people in a floating line-Ferndale family sets world record

  FERNDALE, MT, USA -- 64 family members and friends of Sherrie Bruch of Ferndale went on the Swan River to put their inner tubes in-setting the new world record for most people in a floating line.
 Photo: There are up to five generations who participate in the float each year. Participants come from as far away as Alaska to join in the fun. Photo by Jordan Dawson/ Bigfork Eagle  (enlarge photo) 

  The Ferndale family has done the float for the last four years. It originated as a way to celebrate the numerous July birthdays in the family.

   "The rest of the year we get so busy that we don't always get to see everyone, and the float gives us a chance to spend time together," Bruch said.

   The requirements state that only one person is allowed per flotation device, participants must be joined together, but not tied together and the line must be intact for at least 30 seconds.

   With a Highway Patrolman monitoring them with his stop watch the group was able to beat the record as they held hands in a snaking chain down the river.

   Though they did break the record, many of the participants were just happy to get to spend the time with their family and friends.

   "It's great to get all together," said Rosetta Carpenter, who is the oldest member of the floating group at 88 years-old.

   The record was previously helped by the employees at ITG Israel in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their group of 42 set the record on December 23, 2007.

     Original story written by Staff Writer Jordan Dawson and re-published courtesy of Bigfork Eagle Journal.

  Thursday, July 31, 2008


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