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    Most Mentos and Soda Fountains-world record set by Pepsi

 [July 11] FLOWER MOUND, Texas,US -- More than 800 people tried to set a world record on Tuesday for the largest number of simultaneous Mentos geysers.


   Tuesday's participants in Flower Mound, Texas, had all they needed: Mentos mints, 2-liter bottles of soda, an official record keeper and some raingear.

   When dropped into a bottle of soda, Mentos candies create an eruption the size of a small volcano.

    The tablets were dropped into the bottles after a countdown. Then, hundreds of soda bottles blasted their contents skyward.
     The group is expected to be in the 2008 Guinness World Records book.

     The last Mentos eruption record was 504 geysers, set May 27 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Related Story:

largest number of simultaneous Mentos geysers.

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  Most Mentos and Soda Fountain- Coca Cola's world record