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           Most Kids playing a Nintendo DS  

[Oct 30]PARRAMATTA, Australia--Nintendo Australia has entered the World Records book after 381 people made history at Parramatta Westfield on October 12, gathering to set the world record for the greatest number of people playing a Nintendo DS in one area at one time.
   The event, hosted by Nintendo and K-Zone, formed a new category in the book, after been supervised by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator.

  Nintendo has declared the day a "huge success", with 15 people taking home a Nintendo DS Lite, among other freebies.

   The level of passion amongst Nintendo fans was highlighted, the company said, with people having travelled from all over New South Wales to take part.

    Other Guinness Book of Record holders were in attendance, including Neil Fingleton, the UK's tallest man, and Anthony Kelly, the man with the fastest reaction times.

     Numerous freebies were given out, although only 15 of the 381 record setters walked away with a complimentary DS.

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