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    Largest number of people to stand up against poverty-world record set by GCAP

[Oct 18]NEW YORK, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Over 38.7 million people, in 110 countries have broken the Guinness World Record -- set last year at 23.5 million -- for the largest number of people to "STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY" in 24 hours
For 24 hours from 9pm GMT on the 16th of October, people around the world from all walks of life came together in their schools, streets, market places, in front of government buildings and local councils, in workplaces and houses of worship, at sports and cultural events and at public landmarks to demonstrate their frustration that we still live in a world where 50,000 people die daily from preventable causes. The mass mobilisation provided a platform for global civil society seeking more active involvement in the current aid architecture debate, debt cancellation processes, trade negotiations and public accountability monitoring. The largest numbers of people who took part in this mobilisation came from developing countries.

   The "Stand Up and Speak Out" record attempt took place over 16th and 17th October and was jointly organised by the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) and the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) with a wide range of other partners. The challenge saw millions of people physically and intentionally standing up against poverty, inequality and in support of the Millennium Development Goals. They spoke out to demand a more urgent political response to the growing crisis of global poverty.

   The UN Millennium Campaign's Executive Coordinator Eveline Herfkens said: "Together we have broken the incredible record for the largest number of people standing up to demand action on poverty. But the record we really want to break is the world's record of breaking promises and ignoring the poor. We don't want to record numbers of people dying of poverty every year. This is the great issue of our times, let us become great by dealing with it decisively." '

   Stand Up' regional overview of World record numbers
   Africa: 7,473,057
   Arab Region: 2,546,885
   Asia: 27,612,061
   Europe: 144,931
   Latin America & Caribbean: 734,105
   North America: 109,828 Oceania: 117,333

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