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   Friday, July 10, 2009

  Largest group shower-Pert Plus and Six Flags Great America sets world record

 GURNEE, IL, USA -- To promote its latest product for men, Pert Plus teamed up with Six Flags Great America and organized an event during which 150 strangers in swim suits to shower together in the world's largest shower (a 40,000-square-foot structure)-setting the world record for the Largest group shower.

   Photo: Approximately 150 people shower at Hurricane Harbor-setting the world record for the Largest group shower (enlarge photo)
   "We have two parks, so it seemed like a good fit," said Brooke Gabbert, Six Flags Great America spokeswoman, referring to the theme park and water park, Hurricane Harbor. "It's a neat thing to do ... we're definitely game for anything fun."

    Pert Plus commissioned a custom-built shower measuring 100 feet long and 40 feet wide. The shower, built to hold about 600 people elbow-to-elbow, had ample space for participants to lather up and toss around inflated beach balls.

    It took about seven and a half hours for a crew of four people to build the shower structure, said Larry Wood, one of the structure's inventors and president of Eagle Exhibit Services, the company contracted to construct the shower apparatus. "It took longer to build than to (use) live," Wood said.
    The MII Series is a "portable, modular display" that could be used inside or outside, he said.
   Pert Plus attempted the 2-in-1 record to emphasize its leadership in the 2-in-1 category and launch the new Pert Plus for Men line. The new line is designed exclusively to meet men's hair needs and consists of four new products, including the company's first-ever 3-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner plus body wash.
   A 40,000-square-foot structure with 40 shower nozzles was custom-built for the record-breaking attempt, according to Pert Plus spokeswoman Karen Bailey.

   Gurnee Mayor Krysti Kovarik and Lake County Chamber of Commerce President B. Dwight Houchins served as official World Record witnesses.
    "We are always excited by opportunities to showcase Six Flags and our community," Kovarik said. "Gurnee has a close partnership with Six Flags and to think that we might've broken a record here today is really something."

   The previous world record for the largest shower was achieved by Ludacris and Tommy Lee at the "Battleground Earth" show in May, 2008.
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   Friday, July 10, 2009

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