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  Largest gathering of Daleks-world record set by Manchester fans 

[Nov 3]MANCHESTER,UK--The Museum of Science and Industry has been awarded a World Record for hosting the largest gathering of Daleks.

   The museum needed to attract 50 Daleks to beat the record, and 70 turned up with their versions of the TV alien during the event to promote the Doctor Who Up-Close exhibition, which has attracted more than 200,000 visitors since it opened on 31 March.
 (enlarge photo)

    Doctor Who fan Simon Morrell said: "Despite the fact that we were surrounded by 70 of the most feared TV monsters around, there was a relaxed atmosphere and luckily no exterminations took place."

    Ian Griffin, museum director, said: "The Doctor Who Up-Close exhibition has been our most popular exhibition yet, and the Dalek remains one of the most popular exhibits.    

     "Our World Record attempt for the largest gathering of Daleks was one of the most exciting events we've held at the Museum and really captured people's imagination."

    To meet the Book of Records criteria, more than 50 people dressed in costumes which `closely resemble a Dalek' had to attend the event.

    Each had to be around 1.64 metres high with a single, staring eye, plunger-shaped arm and a lethal gun attachment.

   The Daleks - characterised by the catchphrase `Ex-ter-min-ate!' - have been a hit with audiences since they first appeared in the show in 1963.

    The exhibition has attracted more than 200,000 visitors since it opened on March 31 and has extended its run until January 6 due to popular demand.

    For more information go to:

    www.doctorwhoexhibitions. com



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