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  Thursday, December 24, 2009

  Most expensive Schnitzel - 'Golden Imperial Schnitzel' sets world record

 DUSSELDRF, Germany--The Golden Imperial Schnitzel, offered at the Schnitzelhuber restaurant for 150 euros ($216) is sprinkled with 24-carat goldand sets the world record for the Most expensive Schnitzel.

   Swathed in 24-carat gold, the Most expensive Schnitzel outshines the sausage and meatball dishes on the menu, which start at under five euros. (enlarge photo)

   While just milligrams of gold leaf are needed, the recipe requires a few grams of truffles. The schnitzel is topped with a white Alba truffle pate, a few milligrammes of leaf gold and black truffles on top.
   Patrons must carry it themselves on trays from the checkout to their tables. Other schnitzel dishes at the eatery start at €4.95.

Thomas Huber, who runs the Schnitzelhuber restaurant in Dusseldorf, confirmed the 24-carat gold leaf draped over the crumbed fillet of veal added no flavour. "Gold is tasteless," he said.

    "Gold has no taste," Huber said, but it gives the dish an attractive glimmer. Huber says the imperial schnitzel comes with a traditional potato salad and a glass of champagne.

   He is not the first to have the idea, Huber admits. In fact his imperial schnitzel revives regal eating habits that stretch back at least 1,000 years, he told the Duesseldorf tabloid Express. "The Eastern Roman emperor Basileus used to order his best pieces of meat be topped with leaf gold."

   Rich people picked up the habit but it was finally prohibited in 1514 – until Huber resurrected it in 2006, when he first put in on his menu.

Huber has been serving the Most expensive Schnitzel for three years at the Berger Straße restaurant, selling a total of about 100, but has only recently begun actively promoting it, he said.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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