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   Longest BLT sandwich: Associated Wholesale Grocers sets world record (Video)

   Wednesday, July 1, 2009
   Longest BLT sandwich-Bradley County Chamber of Commerce sets world record

  WARREN, AR, USA -- Residents in Bradley County put on their gloves to make a 169-foot-long BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich, using 60 pounds of sliced Bradley Tomatoes, 300 pounds of "Arkansas Tyson bacon" and 80 pounds of lettuce-setting the world record for the Longest BLT sandwich.

   Photo: The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce set the world record for the Longest BLT Sandwich at the 53rd Annual Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival in Warren, Arkansas at 168 feet and 5 inches.
   (enlarge photo)

   The sandwich took nearly two hours to build and contained about 300 pounds of bacon, 80 pounds of lettuce, 60 pounds of tomatoes and 220 ounces of mayonnaise.
  The event occurred as the busiest days of the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival arrived.

   " Arkansas deserves the world record for the largest BLT, not some culinary school," David King, Warren Chamber of Commerce director, said. "

   "We were looking to do something different, and we found that this culinary school had this record. Then we thought, why do they have it and the tomato capital of Arkansas doesn't. So we decided we would, and if they want it back, they'll have to work for it."

  " We were going for 160 feet, but we had the tables so we made it 169 feet."

   "If anyone wants to beat the record, they're going to have just go that much farther."

   The chamber sold some of the record sandwich in 6-inch segments after it was completed.

    David King, Warren Chamber of Commerce director, said the record also helped bolster the 53rd annual Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival. " We're already thinking about something new for next year."
   Photo: Teen Miss Pink Tomato, Hope Harrod, Little Miss Pink Tomato, Bayleigh Ellis, and Miss Pink Tomato, Lauren Hall, helped to build the 168 ft 5 inch record breaking BLT sandwich during the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival in Warren, Arkansas.
   (enlarge photo)

    Bradley County Cooperative Extension Service Family and Consumer Science Agent Michelle Carter, one of the volunteers, said she would remember being a part of the record.
    "I've never experienced anything like this,"Carter said, "I think it adds one more uniqueness to our community and our festival, and I believe it will be a symbol of community pride, as well. This took a lot of teamwork from people willing to come together and do it."

    The previous world record for the Longest BLT sandwich was set
by students from the Windsor High School Culinary Arts program who put together a 146-foot long BLT sandwich.

   -to be updated with video file

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   Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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