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   Longest stand-up performance - Comedian Bob Marley

  Longest solo stand-up comedy show - Tommy Tiernan sets world record
  GALWAY, Ireland -- Comedian Tommy Tiernan has completed 36 hours and 15 minutes of non stop stand up comedy-setting the world record for the Longest solo stand-up comedy show.

   Photo: Comedian Tommy Tiernan thanks the crowd in Galway after taking the world record for the longest solo stand-up comedy show. Photograph: Michael McLaughlin (enlarge photo)

After the show, he said: 'Towards the end I didn’t think I was going to make it, but there was such good support from the audience. After about 30 hours I was finding it pretty hard to string a sentence together. I’m a bit busted after it all.'

Touching on plenty of controversial topics, Tiernan joked about failed suicide attempts, the Holocaust and getting caught parking his car in disabled-only spaces.

He stood for almost the entire event, eating pasta, fruit, water and high-energy drinks on stage, and being allowed a five-minute break every hour. World Record rules also stated that there needed to be ten people in the audience at any time.

Tommy Tiernan spoke about growing up in Navan in the 1980s, wearing his mother’s velvet trousers, applying too much talcum powder to the groin area, and how as a teenager he was forced to cycle his mother’s “Raleigh shopper” with a basket on the front.

   He described how his father reacted the first time he cursed on The Late Late Show (Tiernan’s girlfriend took the angry phone call and said he was in the shower; “Well tell him to wash his f***ing mouth out,” his father replied).

   In some of his more risqué material, Tiernan said he was curious about failed suicide attempts: “I committed suicide myself,” he told the audience, “we’re all dead; this is limbo.”

   He joked about Israel, which acted “like they had applied for planning permission in the Old Testament and it had just come through now”.
   As he neared Saturday night, the jokes took a turn for the more explicit, Tiernan describing his first sexual experiences and wondering whether it’s “OK to give your own girlfriend [the drug] rohypnol”.

  Profits from the event are going to help homeless teenagers in Galway.
Before Tommy Tiernan’s attempt, there was no official record for the longest solo stand-up show.

As he prepared for the event, titled Testamental, he admitted he would have to tone down his usual high-energy performance. ‘It will be like the Sex Pistols doing an album of ballads,’ he said. ‘I have to mind my voice. I don’t want to end up sounding like Freddie Starr. I will have to be careful.’

  Link: Tommy Tiernan on MySpace

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   Monday, April 13, 2009 

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