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    Saturday, February 9, 2013

  Longest Domino Drop Shot: Senor Frogs Bahamas breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

NASSAU, Bahamas -- Hundreds of people gathered at Prince George Wharf to watch how restaurant Señor Frogs wrote its own name and that of the Bahamas in the Book of Records by toppling more than 3,500 shot glasses and
setting the new world record for the Longest Domino Drop Shot, according to the World Record Academy: www.worldrecordacademylongest domino drop shot world ecord set by Senor Frogs

  Photo: POPULAR restaurant Señor Frogs wrote its name and the Bahamas' in the World Record Books by toppling more than 3,500 shot glasses in the world's longest domino drop shot. (enlarge photo)

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most people opening bottles simultaneously: 4,339 - achieved by Bavaria Sab Miller Colombia – Maltizz Product Agency Support SSA Publicidad y Mercadeo S.A. (Colombia) at the Simon Bolivar Park, Bogotá, Colombia.

  The previous Guinness world record for the Longest Domino Drop Shot was set on December 7, 2012 by Zheng Wen in Beijing, China, who successfully toppled 2013 shots.

  Señor Frogs turned 10 years old, and celebrated the milestone the by breaking a Guinness Record with the Longest Ever Domino Drop Shot.

  The Bahamas Prime Minister's wife, Mrs. Bernadette Christie was on hand to watch the feat.

  A special-made track, bristling with thousands of half-full beer mugs, wound its way along Nassau Harbour. Balanced delicately atop each was a shot forming an unbroken chain.
  To start the first shot is pushed into the first mug, and itl set off a chain reaction of cascading glasses and a record number of drop shots.

  The idea, according to Señor Frogs manager Arturo Salas, was to do something spectacular to commemorate the relationship between the franchise and the Bahamas.

 "Ten years is a great anniversary for us," he said. "We are very thankful to the people of the Bahamas for the way we have been welcomed here.
 "We have made many friends and valued customers over the last decade and wanted to do something special."

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