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  Saturday, March 6, 2010

  Largest toothpaste collection - world record set by Dr. Val Kolpakov

  SAGINAW, MI, USA -- Dr. Val Kolpakov, a practicing dentist in Saginaw, Michigan, has collected since March 2002 over 1,800 toothpastes -setting the world record for the Largest toothpaste collection.

   Photo: Dr. Val Kolpakov stands in front of part of his world's  Largest toothpaste collection. Photo by Ashley L. Conti/The Saginaw News (enlarge photo)

   “I thought that collecting toothpaste was a nice hobby for a dental professional. It allows you to learn more about your profession,” he said. “I had friends all over the world, so I asked them to mail me toothpaste from the countries where they lived.”

   The world's Largest toothpaste collection available to public to view at his practice, Denture Care Clinic at 1227 N. Michigan in Saginaw.

     Kolpakov, known to patients as “Dr. Val,” said his interest in collecting tubes of toothpaste started when he read about Carsten Gutzeit, a German who collected 500 tubes.

   He began buying toothpastes on eBay and contemporary versions in stores.   

   Some are whiskey-flavored, some taste like curry and others like bamboo. One dates to World War II and is made with a radioactive compound.

About a fourth of his Largest toothpaste collection is displayed in the waiting room at the Denture Care Clinic, 1227 N. Michigan. Kolpakov works there as a denture specialist.  

   Kolpakov graduated from medical school in Russia and began working as a pathologist and a researcher. In 1993, he emigrated and worked as a researcher at the University of Michigan.

   In 2000, he graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School and moved to Saginaw, where he now practices. Kolpakov also maintains a dental practice in Atlanta and travels back and forth.

   “After I started my Web site,, people were able to find me on the Internet. Several people donated me their small collections,” he said. “Some companies donated me their old and recent products."

   One of the items Kolpakov considers to be the oldest, most rare and most expensive: an English antique Georgian 1801 silver tooth powder box. Toothpaste was not invented at that point, and tooth powders were used instead. He paid more than $1,500 for the box.

   Among his favorite toothpastes? The whiskey, scotch, rye, bourbon, red wines, amaretto, champagne and other alcohol-flavored toothpastes.

   “I have recently acquired a nice set of five booze-flavored toothpastes from the 1960s. My other passion would be the chocolate-flavored toothpastes. I have a set of pure chocolate cream packed into a toothpaste tube with a toothbrush for chocolate lovers. It’s more like a gag gift, though, and is not intended for brushing teeth regularly,” Kolpakov said.

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   Saturday, March 6, 2010

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