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  Saturday, February 20, 2010

 Largest collection of banana related items - Ken Bannister sets world record

  HESPERIA, CA, USA -- Ken Bannister owns a collection of over 17,000 banana related items displayed inside the International Banana Club Museum which sets the world record for the Largest collection of banana related items.

   (enlarge photo)

   If it has something to do with bananas, it is here in this storefront museum. The items are sent in by members of the Banana Club, to owner Ken "Banana Man" Bannister.

  Items include banana-shaped telephones, lamps, banana plush toys, stickers, books, T-shirts and much more. There is no adult-related material though, so it is appropriate for all ages.

   You might say Ken Bannister has gone bananas over bananas. He's the founder of the International Banana Club. But don't call him the president of the group. Instead, he prefers to be known simply as the "Top Banana."

   Ken Bannister believes that the banana is more the world's funniest fruit! The Banana Club is dedicated to "influencing more smiles and exercising one's sense of humor."

The Largest collection of banana related items contains:
 In the "HARD" section: There are bananas made of brass, glass, lead, wood, plastic, ceramic, cement, soap and gold plated bananas. There are banana pipes, banana trees, pins, charms, belts, magnets, rings, cups, glasses, banana slicers, clocks, musical bananas, banana records, software, knives, and banana lights.
    You will see the Banana Club golf putter (and the yellow banana balls), the boudoir banana from Italy, the gold sequined " Michael Jackson Banana, a banana "nut" cup and even the world's only infamous "Petrified Banana" (hard as a rock and in the museum since 1975).
    Banana lamps and lights can be turned on. Lots of banana books are all over the place including four the museum is highlighted in. (Offbeat Museums, etc.)

   The "FOOD , DRINK and NOTIONS " section displays all kinds of banana candy from the past 25 years, baby foods and juices, banana cereals, all kinds of banana drinks and even banana soda (with and without alcohol), banana tobacco and yes "banana popcorn"! Have you ever seen banana body spray, banana shampoos, banana suntan oils, lipgloss, banana toothbrushes and toothpaste and of course …banana soaps?

   The "CLOTHING" sections include dozens of banana "T" shirts, shorts, pants, hats, and slippers. There are banana P.J.'s, suits, dress banana ties, scarves, towels, banana ears and the banana nose!

   (enlarge photo)

   The "SOFT" section starts with the eight-foot yellow banana couch! There are hundreds of soft (plush) bananas on display from two inch to six feet in length. There's a banana tent, banana beach mats, and banana warmers (one from Germany)! There are banupets, banenes and banana banks and floats!

    The yellow walls and ceiling feature all types of banana art work, photographs, greeting cards, clocks, news clippings, handmade banana art, banana menus, film strips, and the "lone" banana. Famous people are shown with bananas and scrapbooks from around the world are here too.

    Guiness World Records says that the museum is the world’s largest collection devoted to any one fruit.

    Ken Bannister, founder of the International Banana Club Museum, is selling out. Link to auction, click here.

   The price of the museum has dropped from $45,000 to only $15,000! The museum includes only the banana artifacts but no real estate, as the museum has been housed in rented space.

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    Saturday, February 20, 2010

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