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    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

  Largest dome igloo: Eric Ouellette and his team from sets world record

 GRAND FALLS, N.B., Canada -- Igloo designer Eric Ouellette and his team in Grand Falls used roughly 2,500 ice blocks to create a massive dome igloo measuring 9.3 metres in diameter, 5.4 metres tall and can hold roughly 300 people -
setting the new world record for the Largest dome igloo.

  Photo: The World's Largest Dome Igloo.
(enlarge photo)

  The previous Guinness world record for the largest dome igloo (ice) it's an igloo with an internal diameter of 8.3 m (27 ft 2 in), an internal height of 5.3 m (17 ft 4 in), and was constructed by "The Gloo Crew" (USA) in Bellevue, Wisconsin, USA.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the Longest career as an ice-cream man, set by Charlie D'Angelo of Clifton, New Jersey, USA, who has been working as an ice-cream man non-stop for 30 years since 1979 in his Iggy's Igloo ice-cream truck.

  The first Grand Falls igloo that held the Guinness world record was 7.6 metres in diameter.

  "People in Grand Falls are starting to want the title again and again — to be recognized as the igloo capital of the world," Ouellette said.

  He said the igloo is a particular hit with children. "They are all pretty much amazed. It is impressive when you go inside," he said.

  Warm weather and rain almost halted the record pursuit.

  The path to the igloo record started about two months ago when Ouellette and a team of volunteers began building the ice blocks that would eventually transform into the igloo.

  The actual structure went under construction about two weeks ago, with roughly 40 volunteers helping: Éric Ouellette, Danny Trites, Team, Christine Ouellette, Alex Mulherin, Marie-Jeanne Ouellette, Viateur Ouellette, Boyd Trainor, Dola Gagnon, Daniel Poirier, Barbara Poirier, Gaston Boucher, Klod Binette, Paul Snozyk, Denise Fournier, Denise LeBlanc, Chantal Laforge, Cécile Belliveau, Valérie Belliveau, Suzanne Légère, Stéphane Albert, Sylvio Poitras, Liegh Boone, Leonard Branch, Brian Desrosiers, Dave Mulherin, Rolande Mulherin, Peter Carswell, Linda Toner, Mélanie Boucher, Tylor Toner, Camille Thériault, Bernard Martin, François Martin, Sara Martin, Conrad Toner, Brenda Desrosiers, Hubert Leclerc, Gilles LeBlanc, Richard Keeley, Jacques Lafrance, Jonathan Bergeron, Susan Wood, Roland Leclerc, Johanne Marchand.   

  If the town continues to have cold weather, the enormous igloo could last almost two months.

  "For Canada, it is important to have the igloo record," Conservative MP Mike Allen, who represents the western New Brunswick riding, said.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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