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  Largest area cultivated-world record set by Challenger tractor

[Oct 16] TIMISOARA, Romania--By cultivating an area the size of a football pitch every two minutes, the world's biggest tractor, a 570-horsepower, AGCO Challenger MT875B has set a world record.

   In 24 hours it cultivated a massive 644 hectares, or 780 football pitches, working with a set of 14m-wide Gregoire Besson XXL discs.

By cultivating an area the size of a football field every two minutes, the world’s biggest tractor – a 570hp, AGCO Challenger MT875B has set a new world record.

    The world record was established near Timisoara, Romania, with operator Benoit Verdin driving the tractor for the entire 24-hour period.

   The discs were set to a minimum depth of 10cm in medium to heavy clay loam soil. In 24 hours the machines covered an area 6.4 kilometres by 1 kilometre, which is the equivalent to a 155mm-wide strip passing around the equator.  

   But it achieved this at a remarkably low fuel consumption ofjust 4.42 litres/ha - four soft drink bottles of fuel!This proves the MT875B rubber tracked tractor and 14m wide GregoireBesson XXL discs are the ideal seedbed preparation solution forlarge-scale agribusiness producers.

   This world-beating output and efficiency demonstrates how using thelatest technology, agri-businesses across the globe can cutproduction costs.

   For example, the Challenger MT875B Auto-Guideautomatic steering system allowed the tractor to work at forwardspeeds of up to 20km, day and night and 'see' through high dustlevels.

   This not only relieves the stress on the driver, it alsoeliminates over- or under-lapping by accurately steering the tractorin precise straight lines parallel to the previous pass

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