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  Youngest President - world record set by Razvan Gogan

[June 1] BUCHAREST, Romania -- Romanian five-years-old Razvan Gogan has become the youngest person to act as President, after signing (under the supervision of elected President Basescu) a Presidential Decree for children's rights.
    Surrounded by "his" counselors and a large crowd of media representatives, five years old Razvan Gogan has used the Gold-plated fountain pen of President Basescu to sign the Decree which will be "published" by the children's "Official Daily Monitor".

Razvan Gogan (left) signing a Presidential Decree for children rights, under the supervision of President Traian Basescu
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    The feat was set up by the Romanian all news channel Realitatea TV, for a program dedicated to children and their dreams.
   Video: Youngest President sign children's Decree

   Video: Youngest President 'working' at Presidential Palace

   Link: Razvan Gogan's website

    For a whole day, the five years old Razvan Gogan was the special guest of the elected President Traian Basescu and he participated at all public activities at Cotroceni Presidential palace...under the supervision of his Mom and Dad, his (jealous) sister and the "real" , elected President Traian Basescu.

Photo: "Well done, Mr.President!"
Youngest President Razvan Gogan and elected President Traian Basescu
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  Razvan Gogan was excused for today by his kindergarten teachers, to comply with his One Day Dream Presidential "Job", but Monday morning has to return at his class.
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