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  Lowest camper van-world record set by Andy Saunders

 POOLE, Dorset, UK 
-- Andy Saunders, 45, and three friends converted a 7ft 8ins high VW Camper into a 3.3ft high version , setting the world record for the Lowest camper van.

  Photo: The "Van-Cake" is fully roadworthy and can reach speeds of 80mph, but is so small that it could be driven under car park barriers. (enlarge photo)

The 1980 Type 25 camper had 70,000 miles on the clock when Saunders and three friends transformed it - in just three days.

   Saunders, who bought the van for 1,000, said: "The challenge was to build the world's lowest van in just three days.

  "We did it in front of an audience at the Bug Jam VW festival in Northamptonshire. "We were up at 6am and worked for three full days - it was the hardest thing I've ever done.

   "The biggest problem was the roof because when we cut a big chunk out there was a 14ins difference because of the tapering. "Then we had to move the steering into a central position and put in a new steering system.
   "We lowered the seat, moved the handbrake and the gear stick and replaced the fuel tank.

  (enlarge photo)

   "It is roadworthy, does about 80mph and you could throw mattress in the back and sleep in it.

   "At the Bug Jam we had an audience for every moment we were working on it and buy the end there were 1,000 people watching."  

   Monday, August 4, 2008

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