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  Furthest washing machine throw-world record set by Darius Slowik
 BIALOGRAD, Poland -- Thirty year old Dariusz Slowik has throwed a washing machine at 3,50 meters, setting the world record for the Furthest washing machine throw.

   Photo: Dariusz Slowik dedicated his throw of a washing machine, weighing 48 kilos, to 14-year old Weronika who suffers from leukemia.

By doing this, he defeated Bill Lindon - Australia’s washing machine throwing champ - by 22 centimeters.  

   The action "Throw for the Cure" was initiated by the mayor of Bialogard Stefan Strzalkowski, who in the past was a champion himself in ‘rolling a beer barrel’. Strzalkowski declared that Weronika would get a new laptop as a result of Dariusz Slowik’s world record.

 Dariusz Slowik throws kitchen furniture and other large metal objects for fun, health but also for a greater cause.

   In 2003, Dariusz Slowik- a discus thrower when he is not chucking washing machines - set a world record in ‘car pushing’, collecting 100.000 dollars for a Canadian boy suffering from cancer.

   TV Throwing with Darius Slowik Video

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   Sunday, November 9, 2008

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