World Record Certificate     

   You can order from us (at a cost / for a price) your World Record Certificate if you have a world record recognized by the World Record Academy and listed on our official website.  Thank you in advance for supporting this project by ordering (at a cost) your world record certificate!

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   Record Breakers & World Record Certificates
    For details about how to order your world record Certificate, send us an e-mail at:       
    wrc2017 @
 AFTER you
 REMOVE the spaces before and after the '@'
    Please include in your email:
i    - your name,
     - your record's title

       - a link to your record's page on our site, for verification; if your record & your name is not listed* on our website, you can NOT request a w.r. certificate from us;
    # IMPORTANT! please mention "world record certificate for...(record's name) on the 'subject' line of your email.
    Mass participation records: if the list of participants is not included in the record's page, we can not verify & issue any individual certificate; you need to contact the organizer of the event to request your world ecord certificate.
   *If you don't have your record listed on our website, go to our "Submit a World Record" page and submit your record. After verification, your record will be published on our site and you can order your world record certificate.