Tuesday, October 27, 2015

  Smallest folded stroller: GoodBaby breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

BERLIN, Germany -- Designed for urban parents the GB Pockit Stroller weighs just 4.3 kilograms, and has storage space underneath for almost 5 kilograms worth of goods; at just 35cm x 30cm x 18cm, is able to fold up to the size of a large handbag,
setting the new world record for the Smallest commercially available folded stroller, according to the World Record Academy.

  Photo: The GB Pockit stroller — officially the world's most compact stroller — weighs only 9 pounds and can be folded small enough to be carry-on airplane luggage. Once folded — in one of two different ways — the Pockit is self-standing, snaps together, and can be carried easily. It pops back open in less than a second and can support kiddos from the age of 6 months to a weight of 55 pounds. Photo: GB Child (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness World Records' record for the smallest commercially available folded pram is the D666 made by GoodBaby (China), measuring 35 cm (13.78 in) high, 30 cm (11.81 in) long and 18 cm (7.09 in) wide when folded.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most people pushing prams; it is 746 and was achieved by Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund (Hong Kong) at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade in Hong Kong, China, on 15 December 2013.

    Designed for urban parents the stroller weighs just 4.3 kilograms, and has storage space underneath for almost 5 kilograms worth of goods.

    The stroller can be easily folded in two ways - the ultra-compact version or a method more suitable for every day use - both of which promise to be only two steps long.

     The ultra-light pram weighs a dainty 4.3kg, features a small flap canopy and has a five-point harness. The wheels at the front can be locked in for bumpy terrain while the back wheels feature linked brakes.

    Created by international baby products brand, GB, the stroller will be available to the public in the spring for $229.
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