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    Longest sausage-world record set in Vinkovici
 VINKOVICI, Croatia -- Croatian cooks from the eastern Croatia's town of Vinkovci some 250 km east of Zagreb, prepared a 530 metres long sausage-setting the world record for the Longest Sausage.

   Photo: Croatian cooks prepare to fry the longest sausage (530 meters) in the world in eastern Croatia`s town of Vinkovci some 250 km (244 miles) east of Zagreb.
Photo: Reuters/ Nikola Solic
  (enlarge photo)

 The longest sausage in the world, measuring at 530 metres, was presented in the Eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci by the members of the `Slavonian Home Kulen-Kulin` association, as part of the `Come to Vinkovci` project.

Hundreds of locals gathered in the main square of Vinkovci in the country’ east and grilled the world record sausage, made with 400 kilograms of pork (the meat of 28 pigs), 40 kilos of paprika, 10 kilos of salt, 2.5 kilos of spices and five kilos of garlic bought for a local farm, the town hall said.

 The sausage was fried in a vast 2.5-metre pan and was distributed to Vinkovci citizens once it was done. Other treats were available for the gathered crowd to enjoy, such as home wine and doughnuts.

Organisers said it was the world's largest sausage and could feed as many as 3,000 people, but adding it was merely “training“ for next year when they plan to produce a sausage measuring 1000 metres.

   The previous world record for the longest sausage was held by Romanians with a 392 metres long sausage.

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   Monday, February 16, 2009

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