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    Sunday, October 17, 2010

Largest sausage kolache -
Kolache Haven sets world record
 DENTON, TX, USA--Kolache Haven's sausahe colache baked for the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home Fall Family Festival measured 20 feet, 1 inch long, it weighed 113 pounds and took six bakers and more than 100 manhours to make , setting the world record for the Largest sausage kolache.

     Photo: The World's Largest Sausage Kolache being presented by Kolache Haven.  (enlarge photo)

 Syracuse Sausage supplied the 83 pounds of hickory-smoked, cheese-blend sausage. It fed a whole lot of people and made a whole lot of kids happy.

The facts and figures were supplied to Guinness World Records, too.

A kolache is a baked pastry made with lightly sweetened dough filled with all sorts of goodness.

    Photo Gallery: 8th Annual Fall Family Festival

    A popular favorite is stuffed with sausage and cheese, but in Texas you can find versions made with ham, bacon or chorizo — and occasionally a few jalapenos.
    Some kolaches contain cream cheese, and the traditional fruit-filled ones are delicious as a breakfast tartlet or dessert.

Kolache Haven (owner Mike Boyle) is located next to Candy Haven at 301 N. Interstate 35E.

 The Guinness World Record record for the largest sausage weighed 18.98 tonnes (41,859 lb) and was made by J.J. Tranfield on behalf of Asda Stores Plc, at Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

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   Sunday, October 17, 2010

        [World Record Certificate]
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