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  Saturday, March 20, 2010

  Largest chocolate bunny - world record set by Harry Johnson for Duracell

 SANDTON CITY, South Africa -- The sculptured Easter bunny made by artist Harry Johnson, 51, an exact replica of the well-known and loved Duracell® Bunny officially came in at 3.82 metres tall (12 feet, 5 inches) and weighed more than 3 tons (2721 kilos) - setting the new world record for the Largest chocolate bunny.
   Photo: The world's Largest chocolate bunny took over one month of planning to create, and was sculptured out of chocolate blocks in a matter of three days by the fastest sculptor in the world - South Africa’s own Harry Johnson.
  (enlarge photo)

   The previous Guinness world record for the Largest chocolate bunny was held by Brazil with 2.8 tonnes.
   Well-known around the world for being able to sculpt portraits of people within a matter of three hours compared to the average time of one to two months, Johnson was excited by the challenge of working with chocolate.

   “This was the first time I have ever worked with chocolate,” he remarked. “I would do it again in a heartbeat. Having worked with so many different materials, I was truly amazed as to what you can actually do with chocolate. In-fact the creation of the Duracell® chocolate bunny has inspired me to create an exciting new range of chocolate sculptures of famous people and icons.”

   “In order to carve a sculpture entirely out of three tons of chocolate and to ensure that the sculpture was secure and stable from both a strength and technical perspective due to its height, I created a steel structure to place inside the chocolate bunny using a powder coat, which we blasted clean in order to meet health regulations,” Johnson stated.

    Mark Fruhauf is one of the four assistants that worked with Johnson on the world's Largest chocolate bunny.

   "To actually do it here was a process of literally phyisically making bricks up of melted chocolate, 6.5 kilogramme bricks, heating them up, putting them togather so we can make it look like a robot bunny, first stages, because of the whole bricking system, plastering and then chipping started or the sculpting started," he said.

   "At the moment I don't like chocolate at all, after that sweetness and working so intimately with chocolate for three days and that smell, no. I've got to say have a chocolate lying on my desk and I don't want to touch it. As nice as chocolate is, no way," said co-creator Mark Fruhauf.

   The world's Largest chocolate bunny was sculptured and stored within a Perspex ‘housing’ structure which had a cooling system to keep the temperature of the bunny at 18°Celcius.

   “By creating and storing the bunny in this structure we ensured that the three tons of chocolate were kept from melting for a long period of time, but it also met with the stringent health regulations which we have adhered to throughout the entire process of developing the bunny,” commented Jason Frichol, Fore Good’s Group Brand Strategist, brand custodians of Duracell® South Africa

  Even organiser Jason Frichol said: "So, we wanted to do the first in South Africa. We have talented people here. "The sculptor who did this, the logistics, it took such a big team and we almost thought it was impossible, and you know when South Africans put their heads together with the passion and determination on the wave of the World Cup 2010, it does me proud and does my heart warm."

   The world's Largest chocolate bunny will be broken down in a weeks time and about 250 underprivileged children will have a chance to have a taste of the world's Largest chocolate bunny.

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   Saturday, March 20, 2010

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