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  Largest popcorn ball-world record set by the Noble Popcorn Factory
 SAC CITY, IA, USA --Volunteers from all over Sac County and the staff at the Noble Popcorn Farm used 1500 lbs. of popcorn, 2400 lbs. of sugar and 1100 lbs. of syrup mix add to build a whopping 5000 lb. popcorn ball-which sets the world record for the  Largest popcorn ball.
Sac City is the self-proclaimed "Popcorn Capital of the World" because of the approximately 4.8 million pounds of it produced here each year.

   The new world record popcorn ball is the equivalent of 10,000 of the company's large-size bags of flavored popcorn nearly enough to give one bag to each of the county's 11,500 residents and worth between $25,000 and $30,000 at retail prices.

   Shirley Phillips came up with the idea for the ball in 1995.

 Sac City held the record in 95' and 2004, but Sac City had to beat the previous record of 3,423 pounds, held by a company in in Illinois.
Preparations to get this far, have taken a week, but the craft of popcorn building, can be molded at any age.

   The popcorn is heated to 260 degrees so you have to get your hands really oiled up so the popcorn doesn't stick to your hands.

    Hundreds of hands helped create the monster masterpiece even though only 2300 people live in Sac City. That means there are two pounds of popcorn ball for each resident.

   "It brings everybody together and I think everybody sticks together and it's one of those things about being in a small town," says volunteer David Engel.

  David Engel, 28, came out to help as a Sac City resident and business owner. "It's just one of those deals," he said, pointing out several fellow volunteers who had spent money with him.

  Besides attracting invaluable media publicity, the world's largest popcorn ball, displayed in a small shed built just for it, draws tourists off Highway 20 by the bus load.

   "To us, it doesn't mean a darn thing," factory owner Milo Lines said. He was a pharmacist in town, as well as mayor, before he and his wife, Sally, bought the factory in 1985.
   "But to a tourist it draws them in. It's an oddity, and cost-wise, it's not much."

   The new world record popcorn ball will eventually be housed at the Sac City Museum on Main Street.

   Monday, March 2, 2009

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