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  Largest Dessert Buffet-world record set by the Emirates Culinary Guild

 DUBAI, UAE -- A line-up of 2232 dessert delicacies prepared by the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) as part of the Dubai Food Festival created the world record for the Largest Dessert Buffet.    Featuring the participation of around 20 restaurants from across UAE, Dubai Food Festival was hugely successful due to the inclusion of interactive activities such as live cooking counters, a market place for different kinds of local and fresh produce, and different food counters by residents. (enlarge photo)

Organised by the Emirates Culinary Guild, more than 40 hotels from all over Dubai participated in the successful record attempt.

 The world’s largest dessert buffet was held as part of the Dubai Food Festival, a signature event of this year’s DSF.   

    Photo: Tents and tables are set out at Uptown Mirdiff in Dubai as part of
the Largest Dessert Buffet./ Charles Crowell-The National

 Ibrahim Saleh, Coordinator General of DSF Office, handed over the ‘Dubai Records’ certificate and trophy to Chef Uwe Micheel, Director of Kitchens at Radisson SAS, Dubai Deira Creek.

   “The world’s largest dessert buffet follows a string of other successful world records attempted during DSF over the years. With numerous such achievements under our belt, it was only natural for us to launch Dubai Records – an initiative to write down world records attempted and broken in Dubai,” said Ibrahim Saleh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

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