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  Longest bracelet (chain of beds)-world record set by Alayna Salter
 Birmingham Clothes Show, UK -- Alayna Salter, a designer and musician has created a 80 metres (164 ft) long bracelet (chain of beds) which serts the world record for the  Longest bracelet (chain of beds).

   Photo: Aalyna said “I was delighted to break the World Record. I really feel this emphasises the quirky element to my funky Jewellery and music."
   (enlarge photo)

Alayna Salter:“I wanted to create a young, fun brand that didn’t follow the rules of the more formal traditional trends and that’s exactly what I’ve done; better still the success of my jewellery is now providing me with the opportunities to further my music career.”

New jewellery brand 'Punky Allsorts' which was designed at the kitchen table of singer/fashionista Alayna Salter has quickly become the hottest new favourite brand of the stars, snapped on Nicky Hilton, Gabriella Cilmi, Fearne Cotton and chart topper Katy Perry.

The quirky jewellery is currently stocked at Kitson in LA, as well as several UK stores and was first spotted adorning Paris Hilton, however now it seems the range is reaching out to new fans.   

 Alayna, a designer and musician launched the sweet inspired jewellery range after music fans at her gigs kept asking where she got her distinctive earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

A fan of customising clothes and accessories, she began making her own jewellery after finding that high street and designer labels didn’t allow her to express her individuality. Her girly designs have since proved to be an immediate hit with fashion conscious trend setters and her designs are now adorning the bodies of LA celebs and Punky Allsorts are fast-becoming one of the big new trends of 2008.    

   “If you’re brave and have a great idea, use your initiative and just go for it,” says Alayna.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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