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     Largest quilt-world record set by Daphne O’Connor

[August 1] NEWBURGH, US--A Father’s Day gift for God is what City of Newburgh resident Daphne O’Connor calls her latest quilted creation, a 3,000 square foot blanket she has piecing together in her mind for years now.
   This quilt is made up of 40 bedspreads knitted together, each with a distinguishable thought.

  Most have the name of a country and a quote, mostly from the Bible.

   O’Connor said she had made a blanket for the White House shortly after the 9/11 attacks, and that this was her follow-up to that piece.

   Her masterpiece “Message in a Blanket,” as she calls it.

   “This is a Father’s Day gift for God. I had it done before Father’s Day, but didn’t get a chance to display it. I wanted to go for the Guinness Book of World Records, at the same time, so I started thinking, ‘Let me start putting this together.”
O'Connor and Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine

   The previous record for largest quilt in the quickest time frame was 78 feet by 27 feet and took 11years to complete; O’Connor’s quilt is 81 feet by 38 feet, and was done is less than a quarter of the time of the previous record.

   It took her only two years to complete it, and she said she would have finished it even sooner, but took some time off last year.