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 Largest Photobook-world record set by Hitomi Toyama

[April 9] NHAN DAN, Vietnam--A photobook entitled “Vietnamese Women”, recognised as world’s largest, was made public at the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel on April 8.

  The 26 page, 4m x 3m and one ton heavy photo album, features 56 works of Japanese photographer Hitomi Toyama, who came to Vietnam in 1993 and has since taken thousands of photos of the Vietnamese people and land.

   The one-tonne book set the world record for the largest photobook in the world so far.

   Photos in this album were selected from thousands of photos taken in the past ten years by famous Japanese photographer Hitomi Toyama.

   “I recorded Vietnamese women at different angles. We can see jubilance and strength from small girls to old women, who live in the countryside or cities,” said Hitomi Toyama at the opening ceremony.

   The photobook was made with the assistance of Canon at a total cost of US $ 100,000.

   The book will be later exhibited at the consumer electronic exhibition in Hanoi in mid-April and in Ho Chi Minh City in early May.

    Toyama said she would present the book to the Vietnam Photographers’ Association.

  (Source: VNE)


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