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  Largest jigsaw puzzle-world record set by Ravensburg

 RAVENSBURG, Germany -- Some 15,000 enthusiasts have assembled in only five hours a 1,141,800 pieces, forming a nearly 6,500-square foot (600-square meter) puzzle, setting the world record for the Largest jigsaw puzzle.

   Photo: It took more than 15,000 puzzlers five hours to fit 1,141,800 pieces together. They created a puzzle that covers the same amount of space as 25 double decker buses!
  (enlarge photo)

"We really like puzzling," Ravensburg resident Sonja Haussner said at the event.

  In preparation, 4,000 smaller were put together, each with 252 pieces and standard puzzle motifs such as animals, maps and landscapes.

   These smaller rectangles were then used to complete the 65-foot by 98-foot monstrosity.

   Heinrich Huntelmann, a spokesman for Ravensburger AG, Europe's biggest puzzle maker, put it best: "We tried and we succeeded."

   The company is celebrating its 125th anniversary of operation in the town.

   The previous world record for the Largest jigsaw puzzle was a 212,323-piece puzzle measuring some 35 feet by 38 feet put together in Singapore in 2002.

   Sunday, October 5, 2008 

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