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   Largest flag made out of beads-world record set by Jeyaraman Ravi
 ABU DHABI, UAE  -- Indian expatriate and Abu Dhabi resident Jeyaraman Ravi, 41, spent 14 months to create a 3-metre-long and 1.5-metre wide, flag with 288,400 beads which wheights in 10 kilograms-setting the world record for the Largest flag made out of beads.

 "My life has become prosperous after reaching the UAE and this is a thanksgiving gesture," says Ravi who hails from southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
   Photo: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News (enlarge photo)

   He is working as a Public Relations Representative at a computer support systems company and living with his family in Abu Dhabi.

  About the authenticity of his attempt , he claimed he can tell how many beads have been used in each and every part of the flag. "Nobody else can count it".

  His wife said Ravi has been spending sleepless nights to reach the final stages of his attempt. "When the entire family was sleeping, he was busy with the beads and threads," said Deepa, who is a teacher at an English Private School.

   Doing art works had been his hobby when he was a student. "When I was in college, I used to make wallets and prototypes of animals with beads," said the man who is waiting to establish a world record.

  Number of beads used :288,400
  The size of the flag: 3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide
  Time taken: About eight hours in 14 months.
  Weight :10 kilogram
  Threads used: 850 grams.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

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