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  Largest bird feeder-world record set by the Allerton Project farm

 LEICESTERSHIRE, UK  -- The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Allerton Project research farm displayed a 559.974 pounds (254 kg) bird feeder which sets the world record for the Largest bird feeder (by volume).   

The feeder was filled with 13kg of sunflower seeds, 18kg mustard seed, 15kg red millet and 51kg of wheat.  Photographer: Tim Scrivener

The trust hopes the new world record for the Largest bird feeder will raise awareness of the problems facing farmbirds such as the lack of food available to them during the colder months and a decline in their habitat.

    It hopes to encourage farmers to feed farmland birds until late spring, either by growing wild bird crops or feeding from wheat hoppers.

   The previous world record for the Largest bird feeder was set in Maine, US and was over eight feet tall and holding 125 to 135 pounds of bird food.

   Dr Alastair Leake, head of the farm, said: "The need to make space for wildlife has never been so pressing and it is critical that we support our farmers to do this.
   "If we don't then we run the risk of losing some of our important farmland birds that are already teetering on the edge."

   Dr Chris Stoate, head of research at the farm said: "Songbirds at Loddington have benefited from both wild bird crops and the provision of grain in pheasant hoppers through the winter. In the critical late winter period, bird numbers were two and a half times higher in years with feeding, than in years without it."

  The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trustís World Record was supported by Yara UK Ltd, Natural England and Belmont Seeds.
 The world record bid was supported by Natural England, which is offering farmers up to £350 per hectare per year for improving habitats and growing wild bird crops through one of its green farming schemes.

   Dr Helen Phillips, chief executive of Natural England, said: "Many of our farmland birds have suffered huge declines over recent decades.

   "We are delighted to support this record attempt as it helps to raise awareness of the plight of farmland birds and the critical role that land managers can play in their survival.

   "Our green farming schemes - targeted at those species which we know are declining in certain areas - create opportunities for more farmers to be directly involved with conservation."

   The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is an independent wildlife conservation charity, which carries out scientific research into Britain's game and wildlife.
    Its Allerton Project farm in Leicestershire has pioneered methods that combine modern farming with conservation and game management techniques.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

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