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  Biggest Scout emblem-world record set by Mexican scouts

  MEXICO CITY, México 
-- Scouts in Mexico City collected more than one million (1,614, 583) cans and created a 100 metres Scount emblem-setting the world record for the Biggest Scout emblem.

  Photo: It took thousands of Scouts more than 2 days to build the shining Scout Emblem that broke the world Record and helped raise money for charities.  (enlarge photo)

   For the nineth year in a row, thousands of Scouts travelled to the central plaza of Mexico City to 'draw' the fleur-de-lys (the emblem of World Scouting) in aluminium cans.

  Scouts from all over the country came prepared to lend their feet to the action. The global symbol of scout brotherhood measured 100 metres and went some way to educating the locals about recycling and the environment.

   After smashing the million cans they smashed their own world record for the number of cans used to create the Fleur de Lis - one which they've held for nine years.

   Any money they get from selling the cans will go to charity.
   Monday, August 4, 2008


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